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          發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-11-27

          For the production period, the production period of slope protection mould is the most tense time after the Spring Festival every year. Every customer pays the deposit and hopes to get the goods immediately. After the Spring Festival, the production is very tight.

          With the continuous decline of temperature, it has been reduced from 0 ° to - 10 ° or so. This kind of temperature is disadvantageous to our mould manufacturers, and the moulds made at this time are not available for the time being. The site construction is usually after the Spring Festival, mostly due to the cold temperature. There is an advantage in ordering molds at this time.


          At this time, the raw material price of Engineering polypropylene (PP) will be much cheaper, and the mold will naturally be much cheaper. As a manufacturer, I suggest that we order molds now, not only with low price, but also with good quality. Because there are not many orders, the workers are naturally not busy. If they are not busy, the orders will be easier to ship.

          With the Spring Festival past, everything recovers, all people have to move up, all prices will rise, once up, mold prices will naturally rise, at this time, but also busy, time is very urgent, as a slope protection mold manufacturers, it is recommended to order before the year, welcome to order!