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          發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-12-18

          Slope protection mold is a kind of slope protection mold commonly used in some construction projects. It is a slope protection product often used in slope protection engineering now. In addition to several commonly used slope protection molds, there are also slope protection molds with different structures.

          Most of the slope protection molds are hollow structure and solid structure, so more square quantity is used. The plastic material is suitable for small-scale slope protection prefabricated parts scale, especially the amount of 25cm and 35cm is more, which can meet the needs of using hexagonal slope protection brick in square, residential area and parking lot.


          From several aspects of slope protection mold, the first is the structure of the mold. In terms of shape, the upper part is larger than the lower part, and the inverted form is adopted. In this way, the bottom is upward and the opening is poured with concrete, which is more convenient for construction.

          Baoding permanent mold factory produces all the slope protection molds made of pure raw materials. Each slope protection mold can be rotated more than 200 times. This kind of slope protection mold is widely used in highway, high-speed, high-speed railway and dam. Customers are welcome to order by phone!