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          發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-12-22

          The slope protection mold is mainly used to produce high-speed slope protection bricks and dam cement slope protection bricks. Concrete is put into the mold box, and the mold can be used after natural solidification and drying after vibration molding on the shaking table.

          High quality concrete must be used in the manufacture of slope protection mould. Most of the cement is made into concrete through automatic machinery. Therefore, the requirements for concrete quality are very high. Only by selecting suitable cement concrete and cooperating with high-quality equipment, can corrosive sewage be transported frequently. The quality of cement products produced by high-quality cement concrete is better.


          The second point is that when the mold is working, the cement is transported into the machine, and the water demand and setting and hardening characteristics of the cement should be balanced and stable, so as to ensure the balanced texture of the cement products.

          Our company has rich experience in the production of slope protection mold, using the best raw material production, to achieve honest trading, the products produced are wear-resistant, and have good after-sales service, customers can rest assured to buy!