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          發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-12-25

          The main measures to avoid this kind of thing are as follows:

          1. Select low heat or medium heat cement to reduce slag cement and fly ash cement as far as possible; reduce the amount of cement and control the amount of cement below 450kg / m as far as possible.

          2. Reduce the water cement ratio, control the water cement ratio of general concrete below 0.60; improve the orthopedic grading, add fly ash or high efficiency water reducing agent to reduce the amount of cement, reduce the heat of hydration.

          3. Improve the mixing process of concrete, adopt the new technology of "secondary air cooling" to reduce the pouring temperature of concrete; add a certain amount of admixtures with water reducing, plasticizing, retarding and other functions in the concrete to improve the fluidity and water retention of concrete mixture, reduce the hydration and delay the time of hot peak.


          4. Reasonable arrangement of construction procedures, layered, block pouring, in order to help heat dissipation, reduce constraints.

          5. Set up cooling pipes inside the mass concrete to reduce the internal temperature difference of the concrete by cooling with cold water or air; strengthen the monitoring of the concrete temperature and take cooling protection measures in time.

          6. After the concrete is poured, it shall be covered with wet straw curtain and hemp piece in time, and the curing time shall be extended appropriately to ensure the slow cooling of concrete. In cold season, insulation measures must be taken on both sides of concrete to prevent cold wave attack.