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          發布人:管理員   發布時間:2021-3-13


          The ideal structure of the well cover die is to determine the necessary forming equipment and the ideal number of cavity. Under absolutely reliable conditions, the work of the well cover die itself can meet the technological and economic requirements of the plastic parts.


          The technological requirements for plastic parts are to ensure the geometrical shape, surface finish and dimensional accuracy of plastic parts. The economic requirements for production are to make plastic parts low cost, high production efficiency, continuous work of moulds, long service life and labor saving.



          The proportion of well cover mould in the total amount of mould will gradually increase, and the whole industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities.


          In order to adapt to the market, the mould industry needs internal repair and external refining, master the core technology, optimize the product of the well cover mould, and gradually expand the influence of the enterprise.